30 Minute Prep Routine

30 Minute Prep Routine

Our recommended 30minute routine wedding prep for the night before the big day

Products you would use to clean your skin

Now I know I’m going to sound like a broken record… but you need to drink water. Aside from preventing headaches, staying hydrated helps your body function to the best of its ability, more importantly; it keeps your mind healthy and clear. You want to be feeling your absolute best, so skip the sugary drinks and prosecco for one night and opt for the good stuff, some premium H2O.

Get your body and mind prepared to relax by running a warm bath. Add some lavender oil or bubble bath of your choice. Play your favorite album softly in the background (I love Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger in the Alps). Breathe deep and sink into the bubbles.

NO, not with that nasty abrasive stuff that comes in a bottle. Skip out on the micro-beads and opt for something gentle and soothing like ‘Drops of youth’ by the Body shop.

Exfoliating drops for your skin

Drops of Youth- The Body Shop

It’s a glycolic acid peel and is so gentle you can use it daily. I also like ‘Cup o’ Coffee’ by Lush for my entire body. Not only will it leave those pins beautifully smooth but that faint smell of roasted cocoa, vertivert and coriander oil will ease you in to a cozy sleep.


There can be no better feeling after a bath than slathering your entire body in coconut oil. It softens, hydrates and is gentle on the most sensitive skin.

Creams used to soften skin

Neals Yard All over Balm and Beautiful Lips

Use sparingly on your face as a little goes a long way!



Refrigerated facemask 

I’m going to share a big secret with you. Head down to Superdrug or Boots and buy a ‘thera pearl eye-ssential mask’. They cost about £7 and will last for your entire life.

The beauty of this facemask is you can put it in the microwave (for relaxing pre bed) or in the fridge (for anti-puffiness in the morning). Both temperatures have many benefits. Like improving sinus pain or alleviating migraines. So do it! You won’t regret it!

Boots or Superdrug thera pearl eye-ssential mask

Thera pearl eye-ssential mask


Our DO NOTS for the night before:

No hair mask  

Although it will seem like a great idea, you don’t need that extra moisture sitting on your hair making your hair look oily. Leave it for the day after the wedding.

No fake tanning!!
Tanning your skin will mean your foundation won’t match and there is always the risk of streaks and orange hands!!

No caffeine after 6pm. 

Coffee and tea are delicious but not your friends before bed.

Ditch the stimulants and commit to an early night.

Plan your exfoliation a week or two beforehand.

It may seem like a great idea to keep your pins silky smooth but it can also cause sensitivity or a reaction (usually when using the more abrasive stuff)!

Exfoliating will often bring out impurities to cleanse the skin but we want these pimples to go away before the wedding day so make sure to do your scrubbing about a week or two before the big day!